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Term One    6th March – 3rd April    2019


9.30   Philosophy and Ethics       “It’s Not What You Know, It’s How You Think

Philosophy teaches us critical and comprehensive ways of thinking.  These ways include unmasking assumptions, resolving confusion, looking for reasons, examining world views and questioning conceptual frameworks.  Philosophy also expels ignorance, enriches understanding, broadening experience and exploring thought provoking ethical questions and dilemmas. 

In these times of chaotic ramblings from some political leaders, fake news, alternative facts and the rise of extremism, philosophical thinking has become more of an imperative than ever.

If you enjoy intellectually stimulating discussion that touches on different areas of philosophy and hopefully gives you some strategies for dealing with the world we live in then this is the course for you.

Presenter:   Meera Finnigan

Meera holds a Masters  Degree in Philosophy and teaches Ethics at Notre Dame University.  She is a great advocate of taking philosophical thinking into the community.  Her courses are enjoyable, stimulating and interactive.  Anyone who possess an open mind and have a love of learning with love this course. We are always delighted to welcome Meera back to MALA Rockingham Branch

11.30   Myths in Literature and Society  (Part 1)   Antiquity 

Why does the word ‘myth’ have such diverse meanings, from mere fallacies to fabulous old tales of gods, superheroes? Why do many myths have long-lasting appeal? Why do creative writers go on retelling and adapting mythical stories? What can myths tell us about the societies that produced them, and what relevance can they still have in our own time and place?  In exploring such questions, this course draws examples from several ancient sources, e.g. Greco-Roman classical drama, poetry and epic; biblical scriptures; old Babylonian clay tablets.  A course for the reader and the thinker and those interested in society over the ages.

(A sequel course on myths from the medieval period onwards will be offered later in the year.)

Presenter:  Prof Ian Reid

Prof Ian Reid has an impressive list of honours and awards form Universities in Australia, America and China.  In his working life Ian held a leadership role in National Research Projects to strengthen education courses to ensure that Australia become a competitive knowledge drive nation, learning driven nation. Author of a dozen books (fiction, poetry, non-fiction), Ian is Adjunct Professor in Humanities at the University of Western Australia

11.30 – 1.00   “More of What Can Go Wrong with Us!”   Prof. Charles Oxnard

Another amazing session from Prof Oxnard.   Described by the Prof himself as ‘the idle thoughts of an ancient and superannuated physician and scientist’ this course will cover Sleep and sleep disorders: Comorbidities-Do you know what they are? :  Autoimmunity; when you hate yourself!: Yet more sex and The complexities of hormones.   This is a course for those who have a high curiosity level. 

Presenter; Emeritus Professor Charles Oxnard

Charles is a Doctor, Scientist, Anthropologist and Forensic scientist.  He is an Emeritus Professor and Octogenarian (and a half) and a very firm favourite at MALA Rockingham Branch.  

1.30 – 3.00   Spanish  Conversation

Why Spanish?  Spanish is spoken as the first language by 43 million people and 9 million people speak it as second language.   It is the official language of 20 countries.   Spanish is a great tool to have in your travel kit.   Ruperto’s relaxed style of teaching will make learning Spanish easy and fun, but be aware there will be some homework! 

Presenter:  Ruperto Nunez

Ruperto emigrated to WA from Chili where he completed a BA in Classics and Ancient History.  He holds an Honours Degree and a Grad Diploma in Education.  He spent some time teaching at UWA before starting up  his own school teaching Spanish, Latin and Ancient Greek. 

1.00 – 1.30      Fact and Fun in Politics and History          

This is a composite course.  Week 1 and 2:  feature the amazing political guru Peter Kennedy with two fact and fun filled sessions on  ‘Premiers I have known and interviewed from Brand to Barnett’ and ‘Why Governing is Getting Harder’, including the growing importance of women in politics.

Week 3: -  features John Cordell an ex-speaker of the House of Parliament, whose session is filled with anecdotes from the House, with some solid constitutional and procedural matters thrown in. Definitely Fact and Fun

Week 4 and 5: -  features  Linda  Bethany whose  session are on  History through Storytelling.  She will be “Celebrating Australian Storytelling”. – looking at fact, fiction and fun and she’ll be “Celebrating The Aussie Pioneer” – the iconic, hard working, fun loving larrikin, the bushmen, the soldiers the loveable rouges.  These sessions look at how storytelling can bring history into focus and allow us to deal with unpalatable topics, and capture the essence of what it is to be Australian.    This is a course for those who like to know the background stories behind events and personalities from people that really know.

Presenter:   Peter Kennedy 

Peter is one of the Australia’s most respected political journalists.  He began as a high school teacher and lecturer before becoming a journalist with The West Australian. Peter spent many years as a journalist with the ABC.  He has spent more than 40 years observing politics in an extraordinary era of change in the state’s history.  We are delighted to welcome Peter to Rockingham MALA

Presenter:   John Cowdell   John is a former Speaker and President of the House and his knowledge of the working of the political machine are second to none.  Add a delightful sense of humour and a gift for story telling and you will see he fits well into Fact and Fun.  A warm welcome to MALA Rockingham John.

Presenter:    Linda Bethany is the author of three historical novels, based on true local stories.  Linda is the editor of the Roleystone Courier and comes from a family of local historians and ‘great yarners’.  She is carrying on that tradition with great dedication, verve and humour.   It is a pleasure to have Linda at MALA Rockingham Branch.