Term 3 Courses 2019

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Course Synopsis         Term 3            2019

9.00 – 11.00       Legal Eagle -  Deon de Klerk

This course is a rare opportunity to obtain lots of useful and relevant information for situation that arise for us as we travel through life.  Questions from the participants will comprise a large   part of this course.  Issues such as powers of attorney, the pitfalls of handling wills, inheritance laws and binding medical directives e just to name a few   

Doen is a barrister and solicitor, a member of the WA Law Society and managing Director of a professional Law firm.  His preferred areas of practice and commercial Law and Mediation, Litigation and Family Law. Estate management, property and asset protection, probate trust and aged care issues are all interests of interest to Deon.

Let’s Get Going and Write -  a Life Story    Rhuwina Griffiths

This course looks at how to structure your writing, considers some of the benefits you may gain from writing about yourself, suggests ways to go about research and gives plenty of practical advice on the different elements that go into creating a good story. There are opportunities to learn from published authors and practice what is covered in class. The pivotal role that memory plays in life story writing is examined which leads onto the tricky question, ‘is what I’m writing true or false.  This is Pt 1 of 2   Each part of the course is a stand-alone unit.

Rhuwina Griffths has had 25 years of experience throughout the world training other how to get the best out of their writing.  She specializes in life stories and in a nurturing, lively, practical and supportive way.

1.30 – 1.00   Women in the Bible    Dr  Jan Altman

Have you ever wondered how the Eden story might sound if told from Eve’s point of view? Why was she blamed for the whole sorry mess, and why was Adam given the right to ‘rule over’ her? From Adam onwards it was men who assumed the right to ‘multiply’. Daughters were born but sons had the right to take these daughters for wives as they chose. The daughters, it seems, had little say in the matter. Influential and independent women, however, can be found in The Bible. Sarah, born to a wealthy aristocratic family fled from an arranged marriage at the age of twelve to wander in the desert with Abraham. There is Jezebel, who was demonized and killed for defending her ‘pagan’ traditions. In the New Testament there is the mysterious Mary Magdalene, who has been falsely portrayed as a prostitute and reconstructed as a repentant ‘sinner.’ 

Dr. Jan Altmann has a PhD in comparative literature.  She has taught English Literature, Art History, Art Theory, Women’s Studies and Cultural Studies in her extensive career.  She is a prolific writer her most recent publication is Wisdom and Wildness _Two Creations of Eve.

11.30 – 1.00      Eastern  Religions Explained    Pt 1         John Macdonald

A fascinating and dispassionate look at the major religions of the world in an historic framework.  There is no preaching or pushing of any particular philosophy.  This series focuses on the Eastern Religions,

covering , amongst others Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Daoism, Confucianism, Shinto, East Asian Folk Religions.

John Macdonald    After a Naval career John completed a teaching degree and lectured at TAFE for many years.  After retirement John’s lifelong passion for history saw him complete a degree in History and Religion.

1.30 – 3.00    Bodies of Forensic Evidence:     Murders, Mysteries and Mistakes -  Prof Bob Mead

From the analysis of a crime scene to the identification of a suspect and ultimately to the prosecution of the accused in Court, the criminal justice system relies on the robustness and objectivity of all those involved in the investigation.  Using a range of local, interstate and overseas case studies, we will explore some of the techniques used by the police to investigate crimes; to illicit confessions and to identify a potential perpetrator.  We will also explore the important role played by forensic pathology in the recognition of injuries; in the determination of the cause and time of death and how misinterpretation can compromise the justice system

Prof Bob Mead is a Forensic Toxicologist who established the forensic degrees at Murdoch University.  He is also a National Teaching Excellence Award winner.

At the Autumn Centre

Folk Art  - Judy Kirkpatrick

Folk Art is a great way to start Art. The knowledge and techniques of different brushes and the techniques of their use will be taught in these sessions.  These skills are the foundations of nearly all forms of art and crafts.  This is an ongoing course, back by popular demand.  Places are limited.

Judy Kirkpatrick is a long standing member of the Rockingham Visual Arts Society.  She has been practicing and teaching folk art for over 20 years  We are delighted to have her back this term.

Winter Gap

Charlie Lammers

James Mummy

George Burns

Antartic Lady