End of year Courses 2019

Course synopses and enrolment forms for 4th Term courses commencing October 14th are reproduced below. If you want to download for making hard copies of either of these pages please click on the required links immediately below

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Course Synopsis 

Term 4 – 2nd Semester –MONDAY – 14TH, 21ST, 28TH October and 4th and 11th November   

9.30 – 11.00      Music – How it all Began  -     Presenter Ronniet Orlando 

The intriguing stories behind the evolution of music as we know it today (Ronniet is an accomplished violinist, who has just completed her PhD in the music psychology, following a career as an Occupational Therapist.  How did music start? When did we start to notae melodies?  These are just a few of the mysteries we will explore.  Along the way we will meet some colourful,  and even bad, characters of the music world.  We will learn about different periods of music and how they tie in with architecture, dance, language and history, from the prehistoric right through to the present day.  The course will evolve gently over the 5 weeks, incorporating the interests and active involvement of the participants and some live playing. 

Presenter:  Ronniet Orlando. An enthusiastic and knowledgeable and entertaining presenter we welcome Ronniet to MALA Rockingham 


Term 4 - 2 Semester 16th October -  13th November 2019

9.30 – 11.00 am    Let’s Get Going and Write -  a Life Story   Pt 2  Rhuwina Griffiths

This course looks at how to structure your writing, considers some of the benefits you may gain from writing about yourself, suggests ways to go about research and gives plenty of practical advice on the different elements that go into creating a good story. There are opportunities to learn from published authors and practice what is covered in class. The pivotal role that memory plays in life story writing is examined which leads onto the tricky question, ‘is what I’m writing true or false.  This is Pt  2   Each part of the course is a stand-alone unit.

Rhuwina Griffiths has had 25 years of experience throughout the world training other how to get the best out of their writing.  She specializes in life stories and in a nurturing, lively, practical and supportive way.

9.30 – 11.00   am      Eastern  Religions Explained    Pt 2      John Macdonald

A fascinating and dispassionate look at the minor religions of the world in an historic framework.  There is no preaching or pushing of any particular philosophy.  This series focuses on the Eastern Religions, covering  amongst others Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Daoism, Confucianism, Shinto, East Asian Folk Religions.

John Macdonald    After a Naval career John completed a teaching degree and lectured at TAFE for many years.  After retirement John’s lifelong passion for history saw him complete a degree in History and Religion.

11.30 – 1.00  - MYTH IN LITERATURE AND SOCIETY –Dr  Ian Reid

‘Myth’ signifies a range of things, from mere fallacies to fabulous old tales of gods, superheroes, creation and destruction. Why does the word have such diverse meanings? Why do many myths have long-lasting appeal? Why do creative writers go on retelling and adapting mythical stories? What can myths tell us about the societies that produced them, and what relevance can they have for us today?

Presenter:  Prof Ian Reid

Prof Ian Reid has an impressive list of Honours and awards form Universities in Australia, America and China.  In his working life Ian held a leadership role in National Research Projects to strengthen education courses to ensure that Australia become a competitive knowledge drive nation, learning driven nation. Author of a dozen books (fiction, poetry, non-fiction), Ian is Adjunct Professor in Humanities at the University of Western Australia

Part 2: Medieval to Modern

1.The quest – Arthurian legends, the holy grail, Campbell’s monomyth – Sir Gawain (14th-century) to Eliot’s The Waste Land (20th-century)

2.When cultures clash – the Old Norse pagan gods and their world, from Yggdrasill to Ragnarok – discrepant belief systems and syncretic solutions

3.Dangerous knowledge – eating forbidden fruit, selling one’s soul to the devil, playing God – Adam & Eve, Faust, Frankenstein

4.Social disorder – how regicide and gender reversal disturb the ‘great chain of being’ in Shakespeare’s tragedies, esp. Hamlet and Macbeth

5.Sacrifice and national identity – ANZAC stories, war memorials, mateship, Gallipoli in films, novels etc. – creating a modern epic of nationhood?

11.30 – 1.00 pm   Medicine: Both Science and Art”- Prof. Charles Oxnard            The titles of each 5 week course:-

1."Stories Patients Tell”

2.“Travelers’ Medical Problems”

3.“Light as Treatment”

4.“Genetics and Medicine”

5.“Not a Proper Doctor

Presenter: Emeritus Professor Charles Oxnard

Charles is a Doctor, Scientist, Anthropologist and Forensic scientist. He is an Emeritus Professor and Octogenarian (and a half) and a very firm favourite at MALA Rockingham Branch.


1.30 – 1.00   -  “Fun with Flowers”    – Presenter Jenni Brookes

The aim of the workshop is to encourage participants to use things from their own gardens in conjunction with flowers to create unusual designs.

The first session is to make a construction to be used the following week for their design. The piece will be demonstrated.  So you will have in your mind what you will need for the following week.  

Please bring along your secateurs

A small hand towel

About thirty stick branches off a tree or bush, these need to be about 40cm long and about the thickness of a biro or pencil and make sure they are as straight as possible.

Small sundries will be provided.

Oh and importantly don’t forget your enthusiasm and imagination.

Presenter Jenny Brooks is a highly qualified and prize winning florist. Jenny has held a lifelong love of a fascination with flowers and came to floristry once her children had grown.  She studied at TAFE and the Beaufort Floral Academy, but she really hit her stride on Flowers Design School in Perth.  Jenny went onto teach at both Levels 1 and 2 in the Certificate  of Floristry Course. 


At the Autumn Centre  -   Introduction to Chalk Pastels    -    Judy Kirkpatrick

Friday 18 October – 15th November   1.30 – 3.00 pm

Class program.  Supplies needed :

Soft Pastels, pastel paper, kneadable eraser,  clip board or board a4 or larger, masking tape and cleansing wipes. Supplies will be available for use in class.

lesson 1. Experimenting with pastels on different pastel surfaces, blending, layering and using wet.

lesson 2 : Seascapes and skies.

lesson 3 : Landscapes

lesson 4 : Birds

lesson 5 : Animals

Students are encouraged to bring their own pictures to work from. Alternatives will  be available. Attached are examples not necessarily ones done in class.

Judy Kirkpatrick is a long-standing member of the Rockingham Visual Arts Society.  She has been practicing and teaching folk art for over 20 years.

We are delighted to have her back this term