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9.30 – 11.00 AM – Conversational Italian 

This course is designed for those with some previous knowledge of the Italian language who need to refresh their communication skills. You will learn the basics of the Italian language, some common expressions and vocabulary for travelling.  You will enjoy the friendly atmosphere and learn Italian in a fun way.    It is scientifically proved that beginning to learn a language is the very best way to stimulate the brain and keep the cogs working. 

Presenter:  Natalia Achino

Natalia has been  a teacher of  Languages for 26 years. She has taught at all levels and age groups in several countries.  We are delighted to welcome her back and prise her from her own ongoing studies of Art and Calligraphy.

9.30  - 11.00 AM -  Jewellery Creations -  a Workshop

This course will teach the techniques of jewellery making.  Wire work, stringing, beading, multi layered stringing will be covered.  Participants will be creating handmade jewellery for yourself or for presents for others.  Be it earrings, necklaces, charms or broaches you wish to create, this workshop is for you.  There is a $5 surcharge for materials for this course.

Presenter:  Judy Kirkpatrick

Judy, is a long standing member of the Rockingham Visual Arts Society.  She has been making jewellery for the past fifteen years.  She crafts custom made items.  Over the past 12 years she has been teaching art, craft and jewellery workshops.  Welcome to the MALA Rockingham team Judy.

11.30 AM–1.00 PM- Presenting the Past in Literature–A Writer’s View

When a literary work creates a fictional narrative set in the past, what can if offer that a purely historical non-fiction study can’t?     Why imagine aspects of a story rather than stick scrupulously to the facts?    This course give a writers insight on how historical novels can use an authentic framework from an earlier period to provide something more.  

In this course we will discuss notable historical fiction to illustrate the topic including some by writer from America (e.g. Anthony Doerr, John Williams) England (e.g. Jim Crace, Mary Wesley) and Australia (e.g. Kate Grenville, Robert Drewe, Hannah Kent).  I will also mention the process of writing my own historical novels. 

For those of you who literature, or just love a good read, this is the course for you.

Presenter:  Prof. Ian Reid

Ian has a PhD and an impressive list of honours and awards from Universities in Australia, America and China.  Until his retirement he had a long career on leadership in National Research Projects, strengthening education course structure and implementation was his area of expertise to ensure that Australia becomes a knowledge driven, learning driven nation.  Not only has Ian published many book sized research reports and over 100 journal articles he also has three historical fiction novels to his name. ‘The End of Longing’, ‘That Untraveled World’ and his latest “A Place in my Heart”.  We are indeed lucky to have Ian willing to share his wealth of knowledge with us at MALA

11.30 AM - 1.00 PM  Comparative Religion-John Macdonald – Pt 1

This series of lectures focuses on the monotheistic faiths.   Zoroastrianism: Judaism: Christianity and Islam.  Will be discussed.  Each religion will be covered in terms of its history, sociology and beliefs.  There will not be any disparagement of any belief, or preaching or  nay particular philosophy in this series.   A stimulating course for those with an interest in religious beliefs and those with an interest in the influences that have shaped world history.

Presenter: John Macdonald

After 10 years in the RAN John completed teacher training and lectured  at TAFE for over 30 years. His other roles with TAFE included curriculum officer, technical author, senior lecturer and Business Development Manage.  After retirement John returned his lifelong passion for history and has completed at Degree at Murdoch University in History and Religion.  John is a volunteer lecturer at a number of organizations including being an official guide for HMAS Stirling and Garden Island. John lives his philosophy of it is never too late to learn something new.

1.30 – 3.00 PM  Science and Invention -  Whatever did we do before we had….?  

In this course we look back and follow the journey of, and the people involved in, the inventions and technological developments that eventually gave us such things as zips and Velcro; florescent tubes and LED’S; wrist watches and the atomic clock; pencils and Biros and even Skype.

Did Mr Singer invent the first sewing machine?  Was Edison the first inventor of the incandescent globe?  Who invented the paperclip?   We take a peek at inventions that came - and went – and at some  that should never have come - and even a few that should go away!        

A course ideal for the curious and those who love a touch of the quirky

Presenter:   Frank Dymond  

Frank has a double major in Mathematics and Physics and a Masters Degree in Education when Frank retired from Edith Cowan University as an Associated Professor and Head of Department he took up an appointment as a manager of CSIRO Science Education Centre – Scitech

Frank is a passionate Science Communicator, who wants all of us to understand and enjoy the wonders of science and appreciate how science impacts on every aspects of our daily lives.

We really are  appreciative that he is spending time with us here in Rockingham MALA 

1.30 – 3.00 PM   Spanish  (Conversational)

Why Spanish?  Spanish is spoken as the first language by 43million people and 9 million people speak it as a second language.  It is the official language of 20 countries.  Mexico and the USA are now the top two Spanish speaking the world.    Spanish is a great tool to have in your travel kit.

In this course you will learn basic vocabulary and expressions which will allow you to make the most of your travels.  How to greet people, introduce yourself, order food, shop with confidence, talk about family, understand directions and other vital information.   Ruperto has a relaxed style of teaching which will make learning Spanish fun but be beware there will be some fun homework too. 

It is scientifically proved that beginning to learn a language is the very best way to stimulate the brain and keep the cogs working. 

Presenter:  Ruperto Nunez

Ruperto emigrated to WA from Chili where he completed a BA in Classics and Ancient History.  He holds an Honours Degree and a Grad Diploma in Education.  He spent some time teaching at UWA before starting up his own school teaching Spanish, Latin and Ancient Greek.